September 28, 2013

Fashion Saturday: My Favorite Fall Shoes

Hello Beautiful People,

           I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! I personally worked today and made a bad shoe choice. My feet were aching by the end of the day. Anyways, I am home now and ready to give you guys something to chew on. Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite fall shoes. I have quite a few pairs of shoes but I really wanted to just show you some of my favorites. At first, I was modelling the shoes but by the end of it all, my feet were too swollen to put any shoes on. But here they are...

Chic Combat Boots

Alot of people say that they don't feel like they can pull off combat boots, but I don't agree. I do agree that there is a fine line between juvenile and chic, but I feel like they can easily be turned into a fall staple. I would not normally wear these with no pants, but I was wearing my PJ's when I took these pictures lol. No judging. I think these would look super cute with some blue skinny jeans and maybe some woolly lumber jack socks. I would try and spread the sides out a bit to give them a 'wing' look. I look forward to putting on a cardi and a cute scarf and heading out to the pumpkin patch. I picked up these cute brown ones at Target for a mere $40 CAD. I am in Lurv!!!!

The Silver Bombshell Pumps

These my recent favorite shoes! I have seen in several magazines that this a major shoe trend right now. I think the awesome alot!!!! I picked these up at Target for about $20 CAD.
thing about them shoes is, they can be dressy or casual. They look super cute with skinny stiletto jeans but they also look good with a pencil skirt. I wear these bad boys

The Chunky High-heeled Loafer

I had been looking all over for some chunky loafers in my size but had no luck. I finally came across and they carried my size in these super cute loafers. I bought them and the rest is history. These look very 'sexy secretary' when worn with a pencil skirt and white blouse. I also love to pair these with black or even nude fishnet pantyhose. I got these beauties from for $29 CAD. (See my review on

The Foxy Studded Toe

Studded toe shoes have been on trend for a while. They are lady-like but still give a rebel Payless shoes for around $60.
edge. These ones sport a chunky platform sole and a thin heel. I would usually wear these with a pencil skirt and a simple top and scarf. I feel like these have enough sass to carry even the simplest of outfits. I would also pair these with black tights and maybe a long mid-thigh length top. I picked these up at

The Sweet Ankle Boots

These ankle boots may not have a high heel (about an inch and a half) but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to style. I would wear these with burgundy tights and a pencil skirt. I feel like a pencil skirt is a major staple piece lol. You could also pair these with a skinny jean for a more casual look. I picked these up at Walmart for around $15.

Well, That's it for my favorite fall shoes. These are just a few of my favorite shoes. If you liked this, please let me know below and I will do more like this. Also, upload pics or describe you favorite fall shoes!

Until Monday...Adios!

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