August 26, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Vivids and a Bittersweet Announcement!

Hey Everyone,
            The Pretty Pauper here! Hope you all had  fantastic weekend and are now enjoying this Monday. I don't know how you all spent your Sunday evenings but I spent most of the night reading tweets after tweet about the MTV awards. Man! So much drama and scandal packed into one room. Ha! Well, all drama aside, the stars had some pretty awesome looks tonight which I am always interested in. Now, on to the review!

Today, I am giving you a review on a product i have been using and loving for a while now. It's the Maybelline Color Vivids Lipstick.

Product Summary
These bright shades claim to offer bright opaque color that last all day. The vivids line come in 8 shades and offer a honey nectar formula that claims to soften lips and keep them hydrated. They come in an orange tube and have a color swatch and name on the bottom. They run for about $9 at any drugstore that carry Maybelline.

The Application
The application is pretty normal. No special instructions are stated so I just applied like normal. I noticed the color instantly and on swipe applied a bright, pigmented shade.

The Lasting Power
These bad boys stick well. I did re-apply a few times through out they day when the center or my lips would fade but that was just me being picky. I would say these guys last a good amount of time but they will leave residue on cups or food. These are not a stain so they don't dry out the lips either. 

The Final Word
I love them! These super pigmented shades are now a staple in my makeup collection and really surprised me. They last a long time, the color payoff is good and they come in a variety of fun shades. I look forward to re-purchasing and purchasing other colors in this line! Go get them now!!!

From the Left: Haute Plum, Pink Pop and shocking Coral 

So that's it guys! I know this is a short, to the point review but I wanted to give you guys something to chew on. Now, onto the announcement.

As you know, life can get crazy and that seems to be whats going on here these days. Between work and plans and family, something always gets tossed on the back burner. I have been so busy and my life has been insane! The next few weeks is going to be crazy crazy CRAZY. I have so much to catch up on and I need to take a break. SO, The Pretty Pauper is going on hiatus. I love you all to bits and I will be back within the next few weeks. I am unsure of a date but I will keep you informed and posted. You can follow my twitter for updates or even check out my instagram which are all linked on this home page. When I get back I will be back with full force. I am hoping to have more posts throughout the week and more youtube videos up soon too. My video editing program is giving me technical difficulties and it will take me time to figure those out too. But stay tuned for that. I have an interview with an up-and-coming makeup artist coming your way when I get back as well as a HUGE review on my new Lime Crime Velvetine!!! So stay tuned for that!

I want to take a moment to thank all my loyal readers and members. I love you all and appreciate all your support. I will be back full throttle soon, all I need is some time to re-coup and deal with the craziness!

So, that's about if folks! Please stay tuned. I also want to know....when

I come back, what are some things you want to see on  the blog? Tutorials, more reviews, D.I.Y's...etc? Please let me know.

So, until next time my loves. Au revoir! 


Sarah XXO

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