December 29, 2012

Winter Hair Survival 101

I'm back ladies and gents,

                   It has been a crazy last couple of weeks! Between work, events, dinner and family life has been pretty cray cray. Let me fill you in on a few life details before we get started on our winter hair survival. First off, Work...let me tell you, when I chose retail as my "career" I obviously wasn't thinking about how xmas time would be...Holy moly! I think it was the craziest Ive seen it. One Sunday my self and co-worker couldn't get away from the cash register for two minutes. It was 5 hours straight of pure chaos! On top of a hectic work schedule, almost ever weekend i have had an invite somewhere (Not bragging, just saying because it never happens). I even had to turn a few invites down just because I need rest. I have work the last 5 Saturdays in a row so having today off is a treat. I thought I would take advantage and write a blog post since my post have been few in the last little while. So let's jump right into it...

WINTER HAIR SURVIVAL!!!!!! (read with a loud amplified voice)

Here are a few tips to keep your hair looking gorgeous through out the winter months.

  1. Deep moisturize 1-2 times a week. This is my first tip because it's the most important. I always deep moisturize whether it's summer or winter because I am not very good to my hair. Not only is it all bleached underneath but there is always layers upon layers of hair color. Then there is heat styling. I do not blow dry my hair if I can help it but I am attached to my flat iron and curling tools. So, this is a crucial step for me. Doing so in the winter will help keep the elasticity in your hair and give it shine. The trick to deep moisturising is patience. You want your deep conditioner to really penetrate into the follicle. I leave my mask on for around 5-7 minutes, but that is the minimum. You can also leave it on for 20- 1hour. The longer the better!
  2. Brush with a paddle brush or boar bristle brush. Making sure your hair is brushed it a good idea too. With the harsh winds in the winter time, cold hair dries out the hair causing more breakage. If you keep your hair tangle free, it's means let breakage when attempting to detangle hair. Alot of people opt for a boar bristle brush. Boar brushes usually sport softer, more dense bristles. These help polish the hair and have a less damaging effect. I do not recommend boar bristle brushes for people with fine hair, it will cause static electricity...buzzzzzzz!
  3. Comb wet hair with a wide tooth comb. Alot of people like to brush through wet hair with a paddle brush. I do not recommend this because this causes more tangles and will break the hair. Using a wide tooth comb lets you gradually comb through the hair. If the hair is conditioned properly, this should be done with ease. If you must use a brush to detangle after a shower, I would opt for a small vent brush. These are brushed used for blow drying hair, so the bristles are more spaced out, having the same effect as a wide tooth comb.
  4. Condition every time you wash. Alot of people like to skip the conditioner in the shower due to overly productive oil glands, etc. But I would still opt for conditioner during the winter months. I never condition my roots, but I always condition my ends. These take the most beating and I like to keep them well moisturized.
  5. Wear a hat. Wearing a hat with protect your hair from all the harsh elements that can damage your hair further. There are so many cute styles out there...why not wear a hat?
  6. Wear your hair up at night. It like to loosely tie my hair in a bun when I hit the sack at night. This helps keep my long locks tangle free and prevents spit ends.
  7. Use a silk pillow case. I like to use a silk pillow case because it keeps my hair from splitting. I never used a silk pillow case before and now that I have for about 2 years now, I'm hooked. When I need to wash it and put on another pillow case, I notice the different right away. A silk pillow case allows the hair to glide across the case and doesn't tug or pull at the hair. Using a silk pillow case is also good for you skin because it doesn't tug or pull at the skin which can cause wrinkles to develop faster.
So that's it! Follow these tips for some luscious locks this winter.

A side note:
A couple of my friends have a band and they hosted an event last night which I attended. Here are two pics from the event.

So that's it. Had a blast and they did an amazing job. Have a fantabulous weekend and see u all soon!

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